In the age of digital technology, the world has gone faster and faster

 The fashion industry is no exception and it has seen a huge boom in the past few years. In a time when trends are changing fast, creators change constantly, and it’s definitely not easy to keep up with them. One of the main problems is that people are completely turned off by trends that don't last longer than a season or two. We see this time after time: new trend comes along, then people get tired of it in half a year or three months, then they ditch it altogether because no one wants to buy out-of-season clothes now that they are available at their local shops for 30% less than what they were previously.

This infographic helps us understand the impact that fashion has on our lives

Fashion has become a way of life. It is a part of many aspects of our lives. It influences the way we look, feel and dress. We can now get access to so much information about fashion in a few clicks.

Hot topic lies in fashion. It’s a hot market with billions of dollars on it. A lot of competition and excitement has happened over the past years which has resulted in a lot of changes.


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